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About Headstart PreSchool And Daycare

How It All Started!

Started with a simple vision to help children fall in love with learning, Headstart is an experiential preschool chain that focuses on making learning an enjoyable experience driven by Montessori, Finnish, and Waldorf Methodologies. 

The school logo showcases an Independent and happy child who has the freedom to explore his/ her interests while staying close to the traditional Indian diaspora.

Children at Headstart work towards eight major developments, mainly Musical Harmony, Spatial Visual, Naturalistic,  Intrapersonal, Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Logical, and Linguistic while having the option to explore key interest areas and core strengths.

We make learning and kindergarten an enriching experience for our little ones with world-class equipment that's made with child-friendly European Birch wood with soft edges, making learning absolutely safe.

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Our Vision

To offer a happy and holistic learning environment to every child

Why Us?

The Opportunity You Cannot Miss!

Early Childhood Education forms the foundation of a child's development and learning journey. Children at Headstart focus on building their core strengths assisted by the best in-house faculty that's trained by veterans in the field of education. 

A day at Headstart offers a child, the opportunity to explore his or her key areas of interest through the exploration of multiple media and an experiential hands-on curriculum

From story telling sessions to Shloka chanting and early French development, Headstart aims to offer a holistic learning experience that children and parents can cherish throughout their life. 

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An Experience To Cherish 

Building On To Happy Moments

We want our students to transform into happy adults while understanding that they have the freedom of choice.

We emphasize on the importance of society and encourage students and parents to be a part of the social events that happen at school.

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