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Why Experiential Learning

What is it all about?

Learning at our schools is never linear. We follow a  multidimensional and experiential approach in which children learn through playing, performing, and experimenting.

We believe in sustainability and giving back to the society. A day at the park or a day at the farm will just be any other day for our students.

Leveraging a thematic curriculum, our educators focus on creating a virtually real-time experience to offer a holistic experiential learning environment to the children.

The objective of our blended style of learning for toddlers is to provide a strong foundation for development in the early years of a child's life. The focus is on creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that promotes exploration, discovery, and the development of key skills and competencies

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Our Methodologies

We pick up the best methodologies and their best practices

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Leveraging the best learnings of the Montessori methodology. and focusing on the 4Cs= Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Creativity, Headstart aims to help students transition into independent & confident members of the society

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"Learning happens everywhere and all the time"

Our educators understand the importance of learning through everyday experiences and activities.

Children learn while they are eating, putting on their shoes, buttoning their coats, waiting in line and even resting, and our educators are trained to seek out these learning opportunities and support and extend the children’s learning. 

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Making Learning an Enriching Experience is one of the major focus areas at Headstart.

Educators at Headstart aim to maximize the utilization of natural materials during learning time.

Focus on art and creativity with an environment to foster artistic development and curiosity, the educators at Headstart help our tiny tota transition into independent and curious students  

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A Visit To The Strawberry Farm

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A Visit To The Park

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Yoga Day At School

A Day With The African Story Teller Bongiswa Kotta

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