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Our Programs

Harnessing Creativity

Toddlers Nest (12 to 24 Months)

Stepping Stones to The World of Preschooling

An adult-accompanied program, the program focuses on five major developments mainly- sensory, fine and gross motor development, linguistic development, social development, and artistic development.

Children learn mainly through free play and music with a focus on hands-on experiential activities. The educators introduce little ones to the world of stories and art along with nature exploration and gardening, preparing them to be independent and ready for preschooling.

The Explorer (24 to 36 Months)

A Perfect Start

The program focuses on kickstarting the kindergarten school curriculum for our little ones. The children work on multi-lingual literacy through the introduction of English, French, Sanskrit, and Hindi with the help of Elmer's box, flashcards, books from international authors, and rhymes.

We have an in-house speech therapist who works with children who have speech delays. Our staff is well-versed in Montessori, Finnish, and Waldorf methodologies of play-based learning.

The students also work on numeracy and brain development with a primary focus on arithmetic and logic with activities such as counting the stones in the garden or observing the trees in the neighborhood.

The students learn to make learning feasible at the remotest locations in a fun and playful manner.

The Curious Mind I (3 to 4 Years)

Stepping Up in The World of Academics

The program focuses on making the children academically strong where they work on the curriculum as per the NEP policy. The children learn to blend, form sentences, learn the basics of arithmetic, write alphabets and number,s and work on confidence development through stage performances via plays, dances, and extempore.

The educators take the children out on regular nature walks, offering children an option to explore a vast arena of activities and stay close to a sustainable lifestyle.

Gardening and plantations are an added everyday activity with exposure to pottery, art, and craft.

The Curious Mind II (4 to 5 Years)

Excelling in The World of Academics

The program focuses on taking academics a step further with an introduction to foundational mathematical concepts as addition, and subtraction with a hint of Vedic maths and abacus.

On the literacy front, the children are exposed to reading early-level books through advanced phonetic rules via blending and deblending while they work on stage performances and independent presentations.

The children perform science experiments, create DIY toys with natural materials and work on their creative and artistic instinct with art medias.

The Creator (5 to 6 Years)

Ready To Fly

The program focuses on preparing the child for formal schooling. The children are exposed to mock interviews as the teachers work on general awareness and overall personality development.

On the academic front, the children cover advanced literacy and numbers including exposure to tables and multiplication. They also work on multiple sports like Karate and Yoga, participate in talent hunts and extempore competitions, and get a hang of chess and cubing

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