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Best Pre-School & Daycare in Gurgaon

At Headstart Gurugram, we're not just about providing care; we're about nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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Why HeadStart?


HeadStart's pioneering curriculum is expertly crafted to cater to diverse learning styles, fostering personalized growth and intellectual advancement in each child

Expert Team

At HeadStart, our passionate team of educators is committed to providing unparalleled education and nurturing care, establishing us as the premier choice for families seeking a Pre-School in Gurgaon.


With a steadfast commitment to safety and fostering creativity, HeadStart provides a secure and inspiring environment

Discover Headstart

A Glimpse into Our Vibrant Preschool and Daycare

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The Learning Experience

At our schools, learning unfolds in myriad dimensions. We embrace a multifaceted, hands-on approach where children learn through play, performance, and experimentation.


Embedded in our ethos is a deep commitment to sustainability and community engagement. A day spent at the park or farm isn't just any ordinary day for our students; it's an opportunity to learn and give back to society.


Through a thematic curriculum, our educators craft immersive, real-time experiences to provide a holistic learning environment for children.

Our blended learning style for toddlers is meticulously designed to lay a robust foundation for early childhood development.


Central to this approach is the creation of a secure, nurturing, and dynamic atmosphere that fosters exploration, discovery, and the acquisition of essential skills and competencies.

  • What makes Headstart the best playschool in Gurugram?
    Headstart stands out for its holistic approach, prioritizing intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning using various teaching methodologies such as Montessori, Finnish and Waldorf. We follow a multidimensional and experiential approach in which children learn through playing, performing, and experimenting thus, establishing us as the best playschool in Gurugram.
  • What programs does Headstart, the best pre-school in Gurugram, offer?
    Headstart, recognized as the best pre-school in Gurugram, caters to children from 12 months to 6 years through our tailored programs — Mother-Toddler program/Daycare (1-2 year), Playgroup (2-3 year) Pre-Nursery (3-4 year), Nursery (4-5 year), and Prep (5-6 year). Each program is thoughtfully aligned with children's developmental milestones, ensuring a strong educational foundation.
  • How does Headstart School ensure the utmost safety for its children?
    At Headstart, safety is non-negotiable. We employ cutting-edge security measures, comprehensive surveillance, and staff adept in child safety protocols. We also provide the parents real-time access to the CCTV footage, making us a secure choice for parents seeking the best playschool in Gurugram.
  • What expertise does the teaching staff at Headstart, the best pre-school in Gurugram, bring?
    Our teaching team combines seasoned educators and innovative minds, all specialists in early childhood education. All the members of the team are well trained on the teaching methodologies we follow (such as Finnish, Montessori, Waldorf). Their commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching environment underscores why Headstart is the best pre-school in Gurugram.
  • How does Headstart integrate technology into its curriculum?
    Recognizing the importance of digital literacy, Headstart integrates advanced digital tools and educational software like interactive white-boards, virtual field-trips, interactive learning applications, digitalmstory-telling sessions into our curriculum. This not only makes learning more interactive but also positions us as a forward-thinking, best playschool in Gurugram.
  • What kind of extracurricular activities does Headstart School offer?
    Headstart enriches students' educational experience with a broad range of extracurriculars, that includes dance, music, story-telling sessions, theater, sports, and pretend-play sessions. Our commitment to children’s holistic development is part of what makes us the best pre-school in Gurugram.
  • How does Headstart facilitate parental involvement in education?
    Parental engagement is key to our ethos at Headstart. We encourage parents for regular participation in school activities, updates, and PTMs, thereby fostering a collaborative community. We at Headstart Preschool offer routine counseling sessions for parents to ensure they can maintain the supportive and enriching environment their children experience at school, thus, reinforcing our position as the best playschool in Gurugram.

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